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Invitation to participate in the SMART VALOR IPO at Nasdaq First North

Invitation to participate in the SMART VALOR IPO at Nasdaq First North

SMART VALOR is a reliable entry into blockchain technology for investors and institutions


The company was founded in 2017 in Switzerland, where it has been part of the Thomson Reuters incubator. It is the first complete platform for investment in digital assets under the Swiss regulation, where the company is licensed to operate as a financial intermediary since 2018, and under the Liechtenstein regulation, where the company is licensed to operate crypto exchanges and to act as a blockchain depository (custody). the law since 2020.

On the B2C page (Business-to-Consumer), SMART VALOR offers trade, brokerage, storage and discretionary asset management to its customers from over 130 countries. The digital assets on the platform include over 170 trading pairs of cryptocurrencies, blockchain protocols, DeFi and metaverse assets.

On the B2B (Business-to-Business) page, SMART VALOR's API-based Crypto-as-a-Service offering aims to enable banks and fintech companies to offer digital assets to their customers by using SMART VALOR's technology and its regulatory coverage.

As an extension of its platform infrastructure, SMART VALOR has created an NFT marketplace that was launched in a beta version recently, under the name VALOR Prime. The marketplace is available at

In recognition of its technical leadership, the Swiss government nominated SMART VALOR for an innovation contribution through Innosuisse and Forbes, in which the company was nominated for one of the ten most exciting SME technologies in Europe.


Digital assets and blockchain technology are a rapidly growing area and SMART VALOR's investment platform is currently in the upscaling phase. The transaction volume on the platform grew over 1.000% per year, as of December 2021. The expansion of the company's product portfolio, with the emphasis on DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Yield products and NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), is currently underway. SMART VALOR also sees great potential for its recently launched Crypto-as-a-Service (“CaaS”) solution for traditional financial institutions and fintech companies that are facing a growing demand from customers to offer digital assets.

To support SMART VALOR's momentum, the proceeds from the offering in connection with the listing on Nasdaq First North will be used for the purpose of scaling up SMART VALOR's B2C and B2B SaaS business and strengthening the balance sheet.

In addition, the Nasdaq-listed status will increase SMART VALOR's credibility and strengthen its position as a trusted gateway to blockchain technology. This is particularly important to facilitate the expansion of SMART VALOR's B2B SaaS business targeting traditional banks, fintech companies and other institutions. Additionally, It also opens up the possibility of even faster development through inorganic growth alternatives.


Today it becomes clear to more and more investors that the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is not just about speculation. It is about the financial infrastructure of the next iteration of the internet, the metaverse. The blockchain technology is also key in digitalization of assets, record and exchange of the ownership. What is known today as NFT (non-fungible token) will be the preferred way to digitise and trade assets in the near future in the metaverse. SMART VALOR stands here as the first mover and native technology company, which in combination with its regulatory expertise build a strong foundation for building a leading position in this industry.

The TEAM and investors

The Team of SMART VALOR stands out with great track record of regulatory achievements and successful exists. One of the co-founders, Olga Feldmeier, has been working in this industry for the last 8 years. Back in 2016 she enabled the first bitcoin custody licence in Switzerland for Xapo, the Silicon Valley company Olga was Managing Partner with before Smart VAlor. The company was later partially acquired by Coinbase. Due to this achievement  Olga received a title of Crypto Queen. The leading Swiss business magazine nominated Olga in top 10 blockchainers of the country. She regularly gives interviews to the top press and is seen on television such as CNN and other local TV channels. Building on her influencer status, Olga and SMART VALOR team has build the largest international crypto conference series conducted in Switzerland, the crypto summit visited by over 50.000 people.

The co-founders Thomas Felber and Oliver Feldmeier, both from Germany have a track record in delivering complex technology projects. Thomas Fleber, SMART VALOR CTO with over 16 years of experience in creating custom software products and solutions for multiple industries, was the co-founder and IT Director of BeeZero, The Linde Group's hydrogen-powered car project in Germany. Oliver Feldmeier is an expert in blockchain technology and has a strong track record in running large-scale technology projects in the financial sector. Oliver Feldmeier founded his first company, Verto Advisory, in 2010 and ran IT implementation projects for large Swiss insurance companies.

In Switzerland, the team is backed by very big names from investor space. In 2019 they become the first crypto company in the portfolio of one of the largest corporate venture capital companies in Switzerland, Venture Incubator funded by Swiss banks such as Credit suisse and global Swiss companies such as Nestle and Novartis. To the early investors in SMART VALOR belong the well-known award-winning investor Daniel Gutenberg, Stephane Pictet, of the oldest bank family Pictet and famous crypto investor Mathew Roszak.

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Erbjudandet i sammandrag

Teckningsperiod: 21 januari - 3 februari 2022

Teckningspris: 57,50 SEK per depåbevis

Emissionslikvid: 21,7 MSEK

Övertilldelningsoption: 3,3 MSEK

Pre-money värdering: 741,2 MSEK

Handelsplats: Nasdaq First North

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